Rearranging a bunch of stuff!
I like the rooms Green.

AT EscapeBiolab ExtractionBunker Evac , Magic Room, Prison Break, Library Lockup
Breakout Team Adventures Inc.The Liberty Squad,, Hangover
Captive RoomsCharlotte, Dracula’s Library, Cabinet of Curiosities
De Code AdventuresDe Code the Ancient Mystery, De Scientific Code, De Code the Child’s Play, De Triad Code, Board Game Adventure
Decipher Rooms – The Lab, The Den, The Office, The Tea Room
Escape GamesThe Unknown, Syndicate: Relic Heist
Escape Key – Lady Evelyn’s Paradox
Escape Mission (formerly known as Triango)The Castle, Dragon Lodge, Great Pharoah, Call of Duty
Escape ZoneThe Black Room, Da Vinci Code, Biohazard, Billiard Room Murder
ESC-ITThe Last Patient, Mission Museum, Bedroom Nightmare, Cursed Library, Cryptic Cellar, Escape With Vision, Storage of Secrets, Code War
Exit Strategy – Prison Break, Jewel Thief Mystery
Freeing Canada Station – Toronto Mission Incredible, UnmaskBlack Swan, Painter’s Murderer
Great Escape – The Apartment, The Woodshop, The Dollhouse, The Museum
iEscapedViva Las Vegas, Abandoned, Space, Defused
Live Escape
Locked-In Room Escape
LockquestEscape From the Bookclub Killer
Mission 45 – Tomb Raider, Nuclear Crisis, Prison Break, Curse of the Pharoahs
Mr. Escape
Mystery Room – Downsview
Mystery Room – DowntownSpace Odyssey
NextRelicThe Crime Scene
Origin Room BreakVampire, Case Closed
PANI.Q. Room EscapesThe Quarantine, The Dark Room, The Ward
Real Escape Game Toronto Volume 2: Escape From the Time Travel Lab, Volume 1: Escape From the Mysterious Room
Riddle RoomMissing Anatomy, Luci’s RoomFramed, Static
Room Escape AdventureTrapped In A Room With A Zombies
Seven RoomsMystery Egypt
The Great EscapeThe First Endeavour
TrappedContaminated Hospital, Ancient Pyramid, Medieval Prison, Death Note, A.D. 2046
Trapped! –  Claustrophobia, Diamond Heist, Pandemic
Xscape ZoneSecret Treasures ,Prison Break , Childhood Dreams, The Mysterious Wild Store
Xscaper Arts (Scarborough)
Xscaper Arts (Unionville) Inception, The Lab, Kingsman
XSpaceCastle Escape, Forest Escape
Xtreme Escape Adventures – Airport Explosion, The Antidote, Graveyard shift
Ye Olde Dandy’s – The Puzzle Campaign, The Card Campaign

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