News/Deals 2015-10-06


The [?] Adventure is going to be the newest facility coming to Ontario. They will be Hamilton’s first escape room and are arriving December 2015.

I wasn’t exactly sure how to classify this, but Company and Co. (who brought to you the Casa Loma Escape Series and REG Vol 1 and 2) seem to have partnered with Bucket List Entertainment to bring to you Trapped in a Room with a Zombie. If this sounds familiar, that is because it was once run at a different location on Bulwer St. The main site ( seems to indicate that Bucket List Adventures have partnered with local escape rooms in several cities to have their games by other local companies. I have yet to confirm it, but I expect the game to be more or less the same as theone that’s been shut down at Bulwer St.

Freeing Canada Station – Toronto has opened their latest room, The Unforseeable Pyramid. Until November 8th, the Unforseeable Pyramid and UnMask will be 50% off as well.
You were asked to clean out the office of an archeology professor, Dr. Johnathan Bancroft, who has been mysteriously missing for over 10 years. As you were collecting books and research papers into cardboard boxes, you came across a peculiar looking journal belonging to the professor. You dusted it off and opened the journal to it’s last entry. It read; “It has been one week since my dear friend and colleague Professor Milligan left on an expedition to the newly discovered Egyptian pyramid. His research assistant returned 3 days ago without him, pale as a ghost, and claimed that he was instructed to watch the equipment outside of the pyramid, but then after about an hour, the assistant heard terrifying screams … and then silence. I must find out what happened to Dr. Milligan.” You and a group of adventurers decide to embark on a journey to the ancient pyramid to unravel the mystery of the missing professors.

In ‘regular’ puzzle hunt news, October’s Puzzled Pint is coming up Tuesday next week! The secret location puzzle will be posted this coming Friday.

Omescape announced that they have setup retro gaming stations in their board game cafe section. They’ve hooked up NES, SNES, and an N64 at the gaming tables.

Lockdown Ottawa announced that that they have a ‘Halloween Special’ room coming up.

Ongoing News

Escape in London has two announcements. They are closing down the Apocalypse room to open a room called Pandemic on October 1st. The second announcement is that they are opening a room called Cabin in the Woods.

Exodus London Escape rooms is also opening a seasonal Halloween game from Oct. 14th to 31st. I have yet to play any games in London, but this one has piqued my interest. The theme is called Stranger Danger. I’ll keep my theories to myself, in case I’m right!

Along side Exodus Escape Room’s limited time Halloween game comes another fleeting seasonal game in London Ontario. You can find tickets to the event HERE. Details are sparse at the moment, but it will run for 4 nights in a century-old courthouse. I was told that all proceeds would be going to charity, but I can’t really confirm or deny that at the moment. As I always preach, be a smart consumer and do some research before making any purchases. The minimum age is 18. Tickets are selling per complete group at $150/group, with a group size minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8, putting prices ranging from $18.75/person to $25/person (I assume before tax).

Improbable Escapes in Kingston has announced a seasonal game open during the month of October at Fort Henry! The 45 minute game is called the Jury of Nightmares.

Fant Escapes is tentatively opening in Guelph in the fall.

Escape The House is opening a facility in Mississauga in October.

Added Freeing Canada Station – Toronto. Removed some expired stuff.

Name: Freeing Canada Station – Toronto
Notes: Until November 8th, Freeing Canada Station – Toronto is offering 50% off for UnMask and their new room, the Unforseeable Pyramid.

Name: REG 2. Escape from the Time Travel Lab
Notes: $56 for admission for three ($18.67/person). The normal pre-tax price is $25/person, making the discount ~25%. Like the groupon for Volume 1, they list $84as the regular price for 3 which would be true after tax, but the information on the side suggests that tax is not included.

Name: Real Escape Game Volume 1: Escape From the Mysterious Room
Notes: $56 for admission for three ($18.67/person). The normal pre-tax price is $25/person, making the discount ~25%. The groupon site lists $84 as the regular price for 3 (rather than $75), so they might be calculating it with tax, which would put the discount ~33%.

Breakout Team Adventures has a contest where you have a chance to win a raffle for a 50% off on their upcoming ‘zombie game room’. More details HERE

Name: Lost Canada
Notes: $29 for admission for two ($14.50/person), $58 for admission for four ($14.50/person), or $87 for admission for six ($14.50/person), or $116 for admission for eight ($14.50/person). All of them drop the price to $14.50/person. Regular prices are $28 if you book online, or a whopping $35 door price, making discounts range from 49% to 59% (if you want to consider the door price).

Name: Room Escape Adventures
Notes: $28 for admission for 2 ($14.00/person). Regular price is at $28.00/person, making the discount 50%.

Name: Mystery Room
Notes: $69 for admission for four ($17.25/person),or $90 for admission for six ($15/person), or $99 (for admission for eight $12.38/person). They have variable group rates. I’m too lazy to calculate the range!

Name: Escape Maze
Notes: They have introduced Wild West Wednesdays, where there is a $5 discount on Wednesdays.

Name: Breakout Team Adventures Inc.
Notes: Breakout has introduced BreakOut Mondays for a month, where player can play for $14.99 (after tax).

Name: The Great Escape
Notes: With a minimum of 4 players, you can play tax free (13% off) if you like and share THIS Facebook post.

Name: iEscaped
Notes: For weekdays, $12 for one ($12.00/person), or $40 for four ($10.00/person). For weekends, $15 for one ($15.00/person) or $50 for 4 ($12.50/person). The regular pricing at iEscaped is $15/person on weekdays and $20/person on weekends if you like and check-in on Facebook, ranging the discount from 20% off to 37.5% off ‘regular’ discounted pricing.

Name: Origin Room Break
Notes:$23 for two ($11.50/person) and $45 for four ($11.25/person) redeemable from Monday to Friday.
$25 for two ($12.50/person) redeemable Saturday and Sunday , $49 for four ($12.25/person)redeemable from Saturday to Sunday. The regular pricing at Origin Room Break is $20/Person if you like them on facebook, ranging discounts from 37.50% to 43.75% off.

Name: Mission 45
Notes: $25 for 2 ($12.50/person) and $45 for 4 ($11.25/person) for the small rooms. $80 for 6 ($13.33/Person) and$100/8 ($12.50/Person) for the two larger rooms. Perplexingly, if you check in on Facebook, small rooms are $12/person, meaning discounts might be 6.25% if you have 4 people. You shouldn’t get the groupon if you have two people unless you are going on a weekend. Large rooms are $15/person currently, and offer a 16.66% discount.

Name: Xtreme Escape Adventures
Notes: $36 for 2 ($18/person) $66 for 4 ($16.50/Person) $97 for 6 ($16.17/Person). The regular discount for liking and sharing on facebook is $22.50/person, so discounts range from 20% to 28%.

Name: Paniq
Notes: $25 for 2 ($12.50/person). Regular 18.74/Person if you like, comment, and share on Facebook. This puts the discount at approximately 33.3%


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