Freeing Canada Station – Toronto (Black Swan)

Freeing Canada - Toronto Station

Room visited Black Swan
Aesthetic The game looks like a room in a ballet studio
Theming Adequate. Nothing felt out of place, and I really enjoyed the puzzles that were themed.
Puzzle Design Adequate, for the most part.
Customer Service Good.
Overall Black Swan is okay. It does well with what it has.

Freeing Canada Station – Toronto
9625 Yonge street, 2F
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5T2
Cross Street: Yonge St. and 16th Ave.
Rooms: 5
Group Size: Black Swan (2-6), Painter’s Murderer (2-6), Unmask (2-8), Unforseeable Pyramid (2-8), Mission Incredible (2-8)
Game Time: 45 minutes
Price: $28.00/Person ($2 discount for Weekdays. Tax included.)
Tel: 647-800-7622

The Black Swan room at Freeing Canada – Toronto Station was decent.  The staff made it a point everytime I’ve visited to temper my team’s expectations; Mission Incredible and Unmask were for more experienced players, while Black Swan and Painter’s Murderer were more suitable for beginners. We decided to give it a shot.

There’s a small back story on the site, and unlike Mission Incredible, the narrative does play a part in the game. “The daughter of a wealthy man was competing to be the lead dancer in Black Swan , she practiced at the dance studio day and night without going back home. The wealthy man decided to check-in on his daughter at the dance studio but only to find her dead body when he opened the door. A message was found written on the mirror, “Revenge for me”. The wealthy man chose not to alert the police or media as he wanted to revenge for his daughter. Instead, he hired a few private officers to uncover the story behind his daughter’s death and who killed her.

You and your team play the private investigators. As the story says, your team is inside a dance studio to investigate the muder. Design-wise, most of the game is okay, and even thematic. There are interesting ‘dance studio’ puzzles in the game. I would say however that there is maybe one (or debatably two) puzzles that are a leap in logic. In addition to the normal escape room puzzles, there is a mystery to solve at the end of the game! It actually made sense, but it would have been nice if the mystery had a little more oomph to it. Still, the murder mystery was much more enjoyable than the one at Case Closed at Origin Room Break.

Overall, the game was okay. Acceptable without too many complaints or accolades.

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