ESC-IT (Last Patient)

Room visited The Last Patient
Aesthetic Made to look like a TV’s version of a padded cell. Crazy writing on the wall.
Theming Acceptable
Puzzle Design Acceptable
Customer Service Adequate
Overall This game is okay. Harder than expected for a 45 minute room.

5051 Highway 7, Unit 10 & 11
Markham, ON L3R 1N3
Cross Street: McCowan Rd. and Bullock Dr.
Rooms: 8
Group Size: Bedroom Nightmare (2-5), Cursed Library (2-5), Cryptic Cellar (2-5), Escape With Vision (2-5), Dungeon of Despair (2-5) Storage of Secrets (2-5), Code War (2-5), Mission Museum (2-5), The Last Patient (2-5)
Game Time: 45 minutes
Price: $25.00/Person Weekends ($5 Weekday Discount, 20% discount With Facebook like and check-in, 20% discount for paying with cash)
Phone Number: 905-604-3948

The second newest room at ESC-IT is The Last Patient. I played a while ago, but just never got around to reviewing it. The Last Patient offers the most ‘value’ for your dollar, in the sense that you get the most ‘game’ for the cheapest price.

There’s a story listed on the site. You are a protege of Friedrich Gauss, destined to be the next great mathematician. You wake up one day locked in an insane asylum unaware of what you did. You overhear the head doctor, Dr. Ramsay, planning to pin the murder of your child on you and hoping to wipe your mind shortly after. How can you possibly escape before they erase all your memories and lock you in…forever…
The Last Patient probably has the most story of any room at ESC-IT, but even then it’s not too important to the game.

I liked the Last Patient. For ESC-IT, there was uncharacteristically more ‘game’ involved than expected. ESC-IT was the first escape room facility to open in the GTA, and historically have done well with less. I was surprised to find The Last Patient having more depth to the game. Most of the puzzles in the game were okay, although there was one fairly early on that I wasn’t a fan of.

Although it seems rather nitpicky, my criticism of this room would be that it’s likely to be more difficult than most 45 minute rooms warrant. There are probably other 45 minute rooms that have lower success rates, but they generally require unintuitive leaps in logic. The Last Patient has more puzzles than the average 45 minute room. There’s nothing really wrong with having a room harder than normal.

Overall, The Last Patient was better than expected. To give context, I strongly prefer 60 minute rooms over 45 minute rooms, and my expectations for 45 minute rooms are very low. If there aren’t too many glaring problems, I generally think they’re acceptable. For ESC-IT’s low price, there really isn’t too much to complain about



  1. So recently my friends and I attempted the last patient and failed miserably. We couldn’t get past the three locks inside of the cabinet? Any tips for next time we want to give it a try?


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