Riddle Room (Luci’s Room)

Riddle Room

Room visited Luci’s Room
Aesthetic Looks like a bedroom. The aesthetic is surprisingly good.
Theming Acceptable
Puzzle Design Acceptable
Customer Service Good
Overall Good room for beginners. Decent room for experienced players.

Riddle Room
579 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z2
Cross Street: Yonge St. and Wellesley St.
Rooms: 3
Group Size: Missing Anatomy (2-5), Static (2-5), Luci’s Room (2-5)
Game Time: 50 minutes
Price: $25.00/person ($5 discount for weekdays)
Site: http://riddleroom.ca/
Phone number: 647-344-2637

Luci’s Room is another very good beginner room, making it two for two at this location. As I wrote with Missing Anatomy, these rooms are good for introducing the hobby to newbies. There is enough pizzazz to impress, and the game isn’t especially difficult either.The room is decent for experienced players as well. That being said, there probably isn’t anything completely new in this room that i’ve never seen, but it is fairly well put together.

Once again, I found myself really enjoying the 50 minute time limit. I am sure it’s just psychological. Somehow the extra 5 minutes gives the game enough time for me to register it as a satisfying longer room, rather than a short 45 minute room. I imagine this is entirely subjective, but I’m curious if other people will feel the same way.

The story behind the room is: A girl is missing and people want answers. In hopes of finding clues to her whereabouts, you contact her mother to get access to her bedroom, the last place she was seen. As soon as you step into the room, you get a creepy feeling. Where the hell did she go?
I would say that the narrative isn’t really important, and that the game is more theme than story. Our host overshared once again in his introduction. Beyond the regular introduction’s rules and story, I feel like he’s consistently giving away certain parts of the game that players would inevitably discover anyways!

I also forgot to mention in my last review that something I enjoy at this facility is that escaping triggers the stopping of the timer in the game. It’s such a minor thing, but as far I know they seem to be the only people that are doing this. Bonus points! Riddle room also doesn’t lock the room you enter the game in. Fire safety bonus points!

Overall, I’d recommend Luci’s room. In fact, I think the game is fairly ‘optimized’ in the sense that I don’t think it can be improved without changing large parts of the game.


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