Riddle Room (Missing Anatomy)

Riddle Room

Room visited Missing Anatomy
Aesthetic Looks like a Doctor’s office
Theming Acceptable
Puzzle Design Good
Customer Service Good
Overall Good room for beginners. It’s also a good room to take beginners to, if you’re trying to rope them into the hobby.

Riddle Room
579 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z2
Cross Street: Yonge St. and Wellesley St.
Rooms: 3
Group Size: Missing Anatomy (2-5), Static (2-5), Luci’s Room (2-5)
Game Time: 50 minutes
Price: $25.00/person ($5 discount for weekdays)
Site: http://riddleroom.ca/
Phone number: 647-344-2637

Missing Anatomy is a very good beginner room – Definitely one of the better ones in the downtown area. If you’re a beginner, or you’re trying to show someone the hobby, this kind of room is a good starting point; There is enough of a wow-factor to impress. The game isn’t super difficult. It isn’t too spectacular, as to warp expectations for future rooms.
Riddle Room itself is unique in that the facility has 50 minute rooms, rather than the usual 45 or 60. I thought it was strange at first, but it doesn’t really play any differently than you would expect. It feels like a 45 minute room with a small time bonus.

The story behind the room is:
You haven’t seen or heard from your brother in decades. Not after the fight. But with your mother on her death bed, you decide to find him and bring him home. You hired a private detective but he disappeared too. The last place he was seen was a doctor’s office on the south side of town… With an apparent dead end, you break into the office with your friends to find a clue, but the door locks behind you.
My one complaint about the experience would be about the introduction given by our host. Our host didn’t go over the story, and probably gave more information about the room than he should have. That’s a relatively easy problem to fix though.

Aesthetically, the game is pretty much what you would expect. It looks appropriately like a doctor’s office. The overall game is designed fine, and there aren’t any specific puzzles that required any leaps in logic. That was pretty much the overall feeling I left with; There isn’t much to complain about.

Overall, as stated above, it’s a good beginner room. I would recommend it as a good room to introduce someone to the hobby.


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