Escape Games (The Unknown)

Room visited The Unknown
Aesthetic The decor does a very good job of matching the theme.
Theming Puzzles feel themed, and don’t feel random.
Puzzle Design Great
Customer Service Good.
Overall This is my favourite escape room, and is one I strongly recommend. I don’t suggest it for beginners. I don’t think it should be your first game at Escape Games.

Escape Games
11 Kodiak Crescent
Toronto, ON M3J 0G7
Cross Street: Allen Rd. and Sheppard Ave. W
Rooms: 7
Group Size: Escape from Bleak Prison (4-6), Mayan Curse (4-6), Le Voleur de Diamant (4-8), Syndicate: Relic Heist (4-8), Counterops (5-8), The End of the Line (4-9), Haunting of Noriko (5-12), The Unknown (4-8)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $22.00/Person, $28.00/Person for The Unknown ($2 Weekday discount, 20% discount for students on weekdays)
Phone Number: 416-633-6868

Disclaimer: I got to beta test The Unknown for free. I love the Unknown. It’s actually my favourite room (of all rooms anywhere). When I was writing this review, I was a little divided on how I should approach the review. As I’m sure many readers know, there are no real details given about the Unknown. The Escape Games site warns players of EXTREME CONTENT, and that it has an 18+ requirement. Everything else is a mystery! I thought at first maybe I’d do a joke review of sorts, but I didn’t want to do the room an injustice.
In terms of theming, The Unknown has flat out the best I’ve seen so far. A large majority of the puzzles are embedded in the subject matter, which is the best way to do it. The game isn’t just puzzles in a room, with decor added – the decor is entwined with the puzzles. And the decor is also top notch! The room probably has the highest production value I’ve seen so far, and that’s even including Noriko. I also love the introduction to the game, which gives a little narrative. The Unknown doesn’t have a full blown story, but it does something innovative with the introduction which my whole team were huge fans of.
Design-wise, the structure of the game isn’t something completely novel. However, I will say their execution of it is superior to other places that follow the same structure. It’s not something I’m normally a fan of either, so they did win me over.
That’s more or less all I can say about The Unknown. It’s flat out my favourite room right now. The game is a great subversion of expectations. The price for the Unknown is $28.00/person, or $24 if you play back-to-back games. It would be a spoiler to explain why, but I think most people would easily understand why the increased price is justified after they’ve completed the room.



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