News/Deals 2015-06-16

Sorry for posting a day late. I was in the process of shifting a bunch of posts around, so I turned off the twitter publishing in the meantime. In terms of new reviews and content, I had a LASER week and I posted reviews of Syndicate: Relic Heist at Escape Games, Diamond Heist at Trapped!, and Mission Incredible at Freeing Canada – Toronto! Perhaps even more shockingly, all 3 make my recommendations list! Anyways, onto escape related news.

Thanks to Errol for letting me know we have a new facility that’s opened in Newmarket. Ottawa Escapes opened yesterday as well.

Escape Newmarket
188 Main Street,
Newmarket, ON L3Y 3Z2
Cross Street: Main St. and Park Ave.
Rooms: 1
Group Size: The Archealogist’s Discovery (2-4)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $20.00/Person ($3 discount for Facebook like)
Phone number: 905-806-8882

The description for The Archaeologist’s Discovery is:
You and your team are scouring the globe for a famed Aztec artifact, but the professor leading the expedition has gone missing. With little information and a crazed archaeologist desperately searching for the treasure, you and your team only have 1 hour to uncover the mystery of the artifact! However, the professor and the ancient Aztec treasure are not what they appear to be…

Ottawa Escapes
1050 Baxter Road,
Ottawa, ON K2C 3P1
Cross Street: Iris St. and Soderlind St.
Rooms: 1
Group Size: Rainforest Renegades (4-10)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $25.00/Person (Tax not included)
Phone number: 613-828-4386
Your group has booked an amazing rainforest excursion tour where you will be guided by local tribesmen through an untouched and pristine rainforest. You will have an exclusive tour of the local fauna and flora and take away memories that will last a lifetime. After you touch down in an isolated airport carved into the deep forest, you are taken by local guides to the site of your first campsite. Your adventure awaits.

Escape Games has opened their 8th room, Syndicate: Relic Heist!
The Syndicate, a powerful extra-legal organization, has failed to secure an relic of unknown origins. The task has therefore fallen on you; the Syndicate’s most elite unit. Steal it, leave no trace, failure is not an option.

We have a new escape room reviewer in our midst!
I’ve always been a firm believer that the more honest opinions we have out there, the better it is for everyone.

Ongoing News

I don’t believe that Captive has opened their Cabinet of Curiosities room yet, but they have now updated their site with a blurb of the story.

Improbable Escapes is an upcoming facility that will open in Kingston in July.

Shifted REG. Shifted Locked-in. Added Freeing Canada. Added Claustrophobia. Added Exodus Escape Rooms

Name: Exodus Escape Rooms.
Notes: From Wed. June 17th to Sunday June 21st, fathers play for free (if they play with their families).

Name: Claustrophobia
Notes: Save $15 off the price with promo code FATHER. I think this applies only to bookings on Sunday, June 21.

Name: Freeing Canada – Toronto
Notes: Beat the Unmask or Mission Incredible for entry into a raffle for an Iphone 6. Get 25% off by liking their Facebook page. This expires August 31st, 2015.

Locked-In announced that if you book their newest room, The Race for the Antidote, with 6 or more people, you can have a photo with their giant minion mascot (of the Despicable Me variety)

Real Escape Game announced that if you book tickets for either Escape from the Time Travel Lab or Escape from the Mysterious Room before Thursday June 18, 2015 at 12:01AM, you’ll enter a draw to win free tickets to Escape from the Cursed Forest. The draw would occur on July 6th. Escape from the Cursed Forest has a puzzlehunt format very similar to Escape from the Bank, not to be confused with the escape rooms: Escape From the Time Travel Lab or Escape From the Mysterious Room.

Name: Escape Key
Notes: Escape Key in Brantford is running a contest where the team with the highest score on the weekend before Canada Day (June 26th through 28th) will get $100 worth of fireworks!

Name: Lost City Escape Room
Notes: $59 for admission for four(14.75/person), or C$89 for admission for six ($14.83/person), or $119 for admission for eight ($14.88/person). This one gets more expensive the more people you add on. The discount is ~26% compared to their current summer price of $20/person.

Mystery Room announced a contest where players who successfully escape will receive tickets to Insidious Chapter 3. Details can be found HERE

Name: Breakout Team Adventures Inc.
Notes: Breakout has introduced BreakOut Mondays for a month, where player can play for $14.99 (after tax).

Name: Roundabout
Notes: You can book online at with the code 10_percent_off for 10% off.

Name: Lost City Escape Room
Notes: To celebrate the summer, they have dropped their admission price by $5 per person to $20 + tax.

Name: Perplexity Escape Games
Notes: $33 for for two (16.50/person), $66 for four ($16.50/person), $99 for 6 ($16.50/person). Regular price with Facebook like and check-in is $19.12/person if you have a group of 6, or $21.60/person if not, making discounts range from 13.7% to 23.61%.

Name: Great Escape
Notes: $48 for four ($12/person). The regular price with Facebook like/check-in is $15/person, making the discount 20%

Name: Xscaper Arts (both locations)
Notes: In preperation for new rooms, all the current rooms are $15.

Name: De Code Canada
Link: Sunday Family Special
Notes: $79.99 + tax for admission for 4 players, with 4 drinks, 1 fondue, 1 picture frame, and unlimited board game time. I’m too lazy to figure out what the discount is for this. Expires Aug 30th.

Name: The Great Escape
Notes: With a minimum of 4 players, you can play tax free (13% off) if you like and share THIS Facebook post.

Name: AT Escape
Notes: $15 for for one, valid Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday ($15/person), $29 for two ($14.50/person), $49 for four ($12.25/person), $180 for up to 15 people ($12/person) valid Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday. Additionally, there is a one seperate entry for Friday and Saturday, at $35 for two ($17.50/person). Regular price with Facebook like and check-in is $18/person, making discounts range from 2.78% to 33.33%.

Name: iEscaped
Notes: For weekdays, $12 for one ($12.00/person), or $40 for four ($10.00/person). For weekends, $15 for one ($15.00/person) or $50 for 4 ($12.50/person). The regular pricing at iEscaped is $15/person on weekdays and $20/person on weekends if you like and check-in on Facebook, ranging the discount from 20% off to 37.5% off ‘regular’ discounted pricing.

Name: Origin Room Break
Notes:$23 for two ($11.50/person) and $45 for four ($11.25/person) redeemable from Monday to Friday.
$25 for two ($12.50/person) redeemable Saturday and Sunday , $49 for four ($12.25/person)redeemable from Saturday to Sunday. The regular pricing at Origin Room Break is $20/Person if you like them on facebook, ranging discounts from 37.50% to 43.75% off.

Name: NextRelic
Notes:$24 for 2($12/Person), $47 for 4 ($11.75/Person) $69 for 6 ($11.50/Person), $88/8 ($11/Person). The regular pricing at NextRelic seems to be $28/person with a dollar discount for each additional person. This makes the end discount variable depending on your group size, but discounts should be around 55%.

Name: Mission 45
Notes: $25 for 2 ($12.50/person) and $45 for 4 ($11.25/person) for the small rooms. $80 for 6 ($13.33/Person) and$100/8 ($12.50/Person) for the two larger rooms. Perplexingly, if you check in on Facebook, small rooms are $12/person, meaning discounts might be 6.25% if you have 4 people. You shouldn’t get the groupon if you have two people unless you are going on a weekend. Large rooms are $15/person currently, and offer a 16.66% discount.

Name: Xtreme Escape Adventures
Notes: $36 for 2 ($18/person) $66 for 4 ($16.50/Person) $97 for 6 ($16.17/Person). The regular discount for liking and sharing on facebook is $22.50/person, so discounts range from 20% to 28%.

Name: Paniq
Notes: $25 for 2 ($12.50/person). Regular 18.74/Person if you like, comment, and share on Facebook. This puts the discount at approximately 33.3%

Name: Live Escape
Link: and
Notes: $50.00 for 4 or $25.00 for 2 ($12.50/person in both cases). On weekdays, the regular price is $15.00/person on weekdays and $20.00/person weekends if you use cash and check in on Facebook. This places the discount at approximately 16.67% to 37.5% depending on when you’re going.


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