Trapped! (Diamond Heist)


Room visited Diamond Heist
Aesthetic Player are supposed to be in the mansion of an art collector, and it’s reasonably acceptable portion of a mansion.
Theming Good. The puzzles are themed, though not to what I expected going into the room. I won’t spoil this.
Puzzle Design Good. Some interesting choices were made that surprised me.
Customer Service Good.
Overall I would recommend this game. I was actually expecting it to be worse, based on some of the laser-heist styled rooms I’ve encountered in the past.

118 Dundas St W.
Toronto, ON M5G
Cross Street: Dundas St. W and Bay St.
Rooms: 2
Group Size: Pandemic (2-6), Claustrophobia (4-6), Diamond Heist (2-7)
Game Time: 45 minutes
Price: $22.00/Person ($2 student discount)
Phone number: 437-886-0246

The Diamond Heist room at Trapped! was a pleasant surprise. My expectations weren’t very high, based on other laser/heist-styled missions I’ve done in the past. They also had the game in the works for many months now.

The back-story of the game was that the players are a band of thieves. An auction was held for the world’s largest diamond, and the players brazenly declared to the public that they would steal it before the transaction finished. Players are infiltrating an auction room in a century old building before the window of opportunity closes.

Aesthetically, the game looks like a rich eccentric’s home. You start the game already deep into the building, where the laser grid is already established. Design-wise, I liked the game. The owners of Trapped! chose to increase the difficulty in a interesting and novel way that I haven’t encountered anywhere else, to date. It came out of left-field. It was different enough that I doubt I would have ever considered the solution if my team hadn’t hinted past it! Pretty cool.

I don’t think the game is particularly hard or long, but I sucked! As I wrote in the summary, the game does have themed puzzles.. sort-of – But definitely not to what I expected. I did fairly poorly, but was lucky enough to have teammates with the right skillsets for the game.

Overall, I would recommend this Diamond Heist room. This marks the third 45 minute room I would recommend.


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