Origin Room Break (Case Closed)

Room(s) visited
Case Cloesd
Aesthetic Looked like a bed room.
Theming Puzzles felt mostly random.
Puzzle Design Poor. Arbritrary leaps in logic. Intentional red herrings leftover from previous room.
Customer Service
I would not recommend, based on reasons listed above.

Origin Room Break
9737 Yonge St, Unit 102
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V7
Cross Street: Yonge St. and Harding Blvd W.
Rooms: 3
Group Size: Thief Master (2-8), Case Closed (2-8), Vampire (2-12)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $25.00/Person Weekends ($5 Weekday discount, $5 Discount with a Facebook like)
Site: http://originroombreak.com/
Phone Number: 647-793-6318 / 416-729-6720

The Case Closed room at Origin Room Break had a very interesting premise. Rather than the usual 45 or 60 minute room, Origin Room Break proposed a 90 minute room (for a higher price). It was the first of its kind and I thought it was at least an interesting experiment. I think 60 minute games are generally more satisfying (than 45), but the idea of a 90 minute room might have more an appeal to the hardcore enthusiast crowd. The game was described as being more difficult than usual. In addition to the regular objective of escaping, there was now an additional objective of solving the locked room murder. Solving the murder gave you a chance at a mystery prize.
Aesthetically, the game just seems like someone’s bed room. It doesn’t actually seem like a hotel in any way, but I wasn’t expecting much different based on the Vampire room I played previously. I strongly disliked the general design of the game, and specific puzzles in the game as well. The game itself is not actually very long – but it is arduous. There are leaps in logic in the game. There are intentional red herrings (which I later discovered to just be leftovers from the room Case Closed replaced). It all felt very haphazardly thrown together. The mystery itself also hand waved some important points, and doesn’t withstand much scrutiny.


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