Freeing Canada – Toronto (Mission Incredible)

Freeing Canada - Toronto Station

Room visited Mission Incredible
Aesthetic The game looks good. Appropriate.
Theming Adequate. Nothing felt out of place, and I really enjoyed the puzzles that were themed.
Puzzle Design Good.
Customer Service Good.
Overall I would recommend this game. This is the fourth 45 minute room I’ve put onto my recommendations list. I tend to enjoy 60-minute games more. Oftentimes 45 minute rooms feel like they don’t have enough “game” in them. Mission Incredible seemed like just the right amount.

Freeing Canada Station – Toronto
9625 Yonge street, 2F
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5T2
Cross Street: Yonge St. and 16th Ave.
Rooms: 5
Group Size: Black Swan (2-6), Painter’s Murderer (2-6), Unmask (2-8), Unforseeable Pyramid (2-8), Mission Incredible (2-8)
Game Time: 45 minutes
Price: $28.00/Person ($2 discount for Weekdays. Tax included.)
Tel: 647-800-7622

The Mission Incredible room at Freeing Canada – Toronto Station was another pleasant surprise. Freeing is a franchise from Hong Kong that also has a location in BC.  As of this post, they opened a week or two ago. Much like with the Diamond Heist room at Trapped!, my expectations were low because laser rooms have just fallen flat in the past. They were cool and people love lasers, but oftentimes it left the game lacking. Some of the laser rooms of old were very short (even for a 45 minute room) and expensive ($25+).

There’s a small back story on the site, but it doesn’t matter. “In the center of the earth lies the Wonder Museum. Legend has it that the brightest diamond in the museum can either make or break the entire world. As a member of the secret police force, you must get hold of the diamond before The Evil steals it. You must now get out of the heavily guarded museum with the diamond in 45 minutes. Should you trigger the alarm, bear in mind that the government won’t admit your secret identity if you get caught.
That is very convoluted! Something might be a little lost in the translation. However, the game is really no worse for it. With all the heists I’ve been pulling this week, I like to pretend that I’m a jewel thief on a crime spree.

Aesthetically, you’re supposed to be inside a museum, and Mission Incredible delivers on that front. It looks like a stereotypical movie museum. Design-wise, I was happy with nearly everything. As I wrote in my summary above, 45-minute games often just don’t feel like they have enough ‘game’ to them, but this wasn’t the case with Mission Incredible. There weren’t any giant leaps in logic either.

I’ve written a post on Lasers before. A certain design with lasers finds itself ‘vulnerable’ to variable player numbers. Sometimes, if you have enough people, you can just have part of your team walk through the lasers, while the other stays to reset from the opposite end. This bypasses the whole agility portion of the game. Mission Incredible did something interesting in this case. They have a similar system, but before the game begins,  they zip-tie a piece of plastic with RFID/NFC to your wrist. The laser portion of the heist essentially has a ‘check-in’ system, so regardless of how many players you have, everybody has to play! No shortcuts  through this one.
I was particularly a fan of a ‘physical’ puzzle in the game. I think people will enjoy it as well.

The game has a listed capacity of 2-8, but I don’t see 8 working out very well for certain parts of the game. My guess is that Mission Incredible is probably best enjoyed at 4 players.

I’d recommend Mission Incredible. My one complaint, in general, is that the base price is very high. They’re currently running a promotion that if you like them on Facebook, you get 25% off the base price of $28. This puts the price at $21 (including tax). The promotion ends at the end of August. It’s possible they’re doing the AT Escape thing where they just list a very high base price, but that it’s consistently ‘discounted’ with social media check-in. I didn’t ask. If you do want to check the game out, I’d just suggest you do it before the promotion is over. They are also running a contest where if you escape from Mission Incredible or Unmask, you get to enter a raffle to win an iPhone 6.

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