XSpace (Castle Escape)


Room visited Castle Escape
Aesthetic Poor.  It’s all generic Halloween dollar store stuff.
Theming None to speak of. Everything feels tacked on, and the themes could be replaced.
Puzzle Design Poor.
Customer Service Acceptable. No major complaints so far.
I probably would not come back unless I had reason to believe they suddenly improved what they were doing.

505 Ellesemere Rd, Unit 10
Scarborough, ON M1R 4Z3
Cross Street: Birchmount Rd. and Ellesmere Rd.
Rooms: 4
Group Size: Forest Escape (2-4), Prison Escape (4-6), Castle Escape (4-8), Plan X (4-8)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $22/person
Site: http://www.505xspace.com/
Phone number: 647-428-0085

My previous review of Castle Escape is from several months ago. From what I understand, not much has changed in this room. Castle Escape was advertised to be XSpace’s most difficult room. The first thing that strikes you is the space when you enter the room. It’s a great space, but I consider it thoroughly underused. The decor is comprised of dollar-store props. It’s not that big of a pet peeve of mine, but I think it does betray the lack of thought that went into this game. I had numerous issues with the puzzles. Some puzzles were straight forwardly lazy. Some were very binary in the sense that you could either see the solution or not – it makes for poor design, because there isn’t any real sense of progression. If you see the solution, it’s barely a puzzle. If you don’t, it’s an insurmountable wall you can only beat by random chance (or using a hint). In my opinion, that’s a crappy way to make a room ‘difficult’. We beat the room but had a bad time.


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