Escape Zone (Da Vinci Code)

Room visited
Da Vinci Code
Aesthetic Good.
Theming The Da Vinci Code room has a very random theme (Da Vinci and everything turned upside down). Most of the puzzles did feel like they matched .
Puzzle Design Adequate
Customer Service
It’s an adequate room. Perfectly acceptable.

Escape Zone
388 Spadina Ave – 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M5T 2G5
Cross Street: Spadina Ave. and College St.
Rooms: 4
Group Size: The Billiard Room Murder (2-6), Bio Hazard (2-6), The Black Room (2-6), Da Vinci Code (2-6)
Game Time: 45 minutes
Price: $25.00/Adult, $22.00/Student ($2 discount with Facebook like and check-in, $1 discount with Yelp check-in)
Phone Number: 647-350-0140

My team played the Da Vinci Code room right after the Black Room, hoping for more of the same. It’s difficulty is rated as ‘Hardcore’, but I think mostly its a different style of puzzles in the room. I didn’t enjoy it as much, but it’s okay for what it is. The decor is similar to that of a paint studio. Despite the title, the room has nothing to do with the Dan Brown novel. The puzzles were themed appropriately and either had to do with painting (which I assume is the Da Vinci connection) or the ‘reversed’ world. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with the room, and trying to have different types of rooms makes sense for any facility, but overall this room fell a little flat for me. I do think it’s okay though.


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