Origin Room Break (Vampire)

Room(s) visited
Aesthetic Vampire room had random
Theming Puzzles also felt mostly random.
Puzzle Design Poor.
Customer Service
This feels like another facility that feels like it threw together a
package of technology from China. The price isn’t as damning
as other places though, and they’ve had a groupon deal available
for a long time.

Origin Room Break
9737 Yonge St, Unit 102
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V7
Cross Street: Yonge St. and Harding Blvd W.
Rooms: 3
Group Size: Thief Master (2-8), Case Closed (2-8), Vampire (2-12)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $25.00/Person Weekends ($5 Weekday discount, $5 Discount with a Facebook like)
Site: http://originroombreak.com/
Phone Number: 647-793-6318 / 416-729-6720

The Vampire room at Origin Room Break felt very random. That isn’t really palatable to my tastes. The room was dark and filled with what felt like generically ‘creepy’ props, ranging from your usual halloween body parts and what not. There was a painting of the Joker from Batman (I guess the bats in the picture made it vampire themed) and a big teddy bear nailed to the wall (not sure what the thought process behind that one was). The puzzle-theming is also very random, and it feels very much like maybe the proprietors bought a set of puzzles/tech online and was trying to find a way to implement them. I did not enjoy the overall design of the game. The Vampire room is a split-team game. I’ve mentioned the term before, and what I mean is that the game starts with parts of your team seperated from the rest. This particular seperation was needless and doesn’t add anything to the game. It didn’t even affect the flow of gameplay in any way – you don’t have to rescue your teammates. They offer nothing to the linear path of puzzles in the game, meaning you could very well accidentally beat the game without rescuing your friends.


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