News/Deals 2015-04-13

Sorry for the late news post, I burnt my toast.

Two new facilities have joined the fray. This puts the current count at 51 escape rooms in Ontario, with 4 I have relative confidence will eventually open. Instead of writing about them, I think I’ll just copy and paste their entries. Perplexity Escape Games is the first facility in Brampton and Escape from the 6 is the first facility in Oakville.

Perplexity Escape Games
56 Bramsteele Road, Unit 2
Brampton, ON L6W 3M7
Cross Street: Rutherford Rd. S and Bramsteele Rd.
Rooms: 3
Group Size: Criminal Binds (3-6), The Short Cut (4-10), Kate’s Motel (3-6)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $23.99/person (10% discount with Facebook like and check-in, with an additional 10% for a group size of 6 or more)
Phone Number: 905-595-8583

Escape From The 6
521 North Service Rd E, Unit 2C
Toronto, ON M1S 4N5
Cross Street: North Service Rd E and Eighth Line
Rooms: 1
Group Size: Escape From The Wild West (2-6)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $25.00/Person
Phone Number: 905-844-4441

Escape Games has announced a contest of sorts for their newest room, “Syndicate: Relic Heist”. There are 12 beta slots. Once the post has reached 250 likes, the beta schedule will be unlocked, followed up by a free-for-all for beta slots. You can find the post HERE
The storyline of Syndicate: Relic Heist listed on their site is as follows: The Syndicate, a powerful extra-legal organization, has failed to secure an relic of unknown origins. The task has therefore fallen on you; the Syndicate’s most elite unit. Steal it, leave no trace, failure is not an option.

Breakout Team Adventures Inc. has posted a few pictures on their Facebook announcing the start of construction of a ‘Zombie Hunter’ game. They describe it as “a real life zombie infection game mode”. I’m not quite sure what that might entail, but it does sound like it could be interesting/different.

Puzzled Pint has posted their location puzzle last friday and the actual event will take place tomorrow. A tweet from the Puzzled Pint Toronto account suggests that you bring a device with access to Google, unless you have a ton of pop culture knowledge. Last month, 38 players showed up. The location is not the same, so please don’t just go to the same bar.

The Hour posted a few pictures of an upcoming new pirate themed room on their Facebook page. No ETA yet.

Riddle Room editted their ‘Coming soon’ page and have removed their tentative April 27th opening date.

Prison Breaker replaced their Poker Face room with the ‘Undercover’ room.

Real Escape Game has posted a trial run beta test of their Escape From the Bank event for about a fifth of the price. I’m super bitter, but here’s the LINK

Triango appears to have re-branded themselves as Escape Mission. This place is also advertised on the Mission45 site, suggesting they’re owned by the same people.

Ongoing News
Escape Room Niagara Falls has announced that they are running a puzzle hunt during the May 30th – 31st. Your mission is to locate the agents and clues hidden around the Springlicious festival on Queen Street. Each puzzle leads to new options, informants and locations. You can book on their site, or find more information on their Facebook page HERE. Use coupon code OQEARLYBIRD for $5 off before April 6th.

Roundabout Canada is going to open mid-April in downtown Toronto. I wrote about them several months ago where they showed interesting pictures of their sets which piqued my interest. They didn’t open back then, and I didn’t really have any idea of what was going on. They recently resurfaced with some new pictures of their sets which look amazing. They also have a contest for free tickets HERE.


Name: AT Escape
Notes: $15 for for one, valid Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday ($15/person), $29 for two ($14.50/person), $49 for four ($12.25/person), $180 for up to 15 people ($12/person) valid Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday. Additionally, there is a one seperate entry for Friday and Saturday, at $35 for two ($17.50/person). Regular price with Facebook like and check-in is $18/person, making discounts range from 2.78% to 33.33%.

Name: Xscaper Arts (Unionville)
Notes: At their Unionville location, in preperation for new rooms, all the current rooms are $15.

Name: Lost City Escape Room
Notes: There are 8 options, and I’m too lazy to list them. Regular price is $25/person, including tax. Discounts range from 41% off to 50% off.

Name: Room Escape Adventures
Notes: $14/person. Regular price is $28/person. There is a $2.53 processing fee, which makes the discount approximately 41% off.

Name: iEscaped
Notes: For weekdays, $12 for one ($12.00/person), or $40 for four ($10.00/person). For weekends, $15 for one ($15.00/person) or $50 for 4 ($12.50/person). The regular pricing at iEscaped is $15/person on weekdays and $20/person on weekends if you like and check-in on Facebook, ranging the discount from 20% off to 37.5% off ‘regular’ discounted pricing.

Name: Origin Room Break
Notes:$23 for two ($11.50/person) and $45 for four ($11.25/person) redeemable from Monday to Friday.
$25 for two ($12.50/person) redeemable Saturday and Sunday , $49 for four ($12.25/person)redeemable from Saturday to Sunday. The regular pricing at Origin Room Break is $20/Person if you like them on facebook, ranging discounts from 37.50% to 43.75% off.

Name: NextRelic
Notes:$24 for 2($12/Person), $47 for 4 ($11.75/Person) $69 for 6 ($11.50/Person), $88/8 ($11/Person). The regular pricing at NextRelic seems to be $28/person with a dollar discount for each additional person. This makes the end discount variable depending on your group size, but discounts should be around 55%.

Name: Mission 45
Notes: $25 for 2 ($12.50/person) and $45 for 4 ($11.25/person) for the small rooms. $80 for 6 ($13.33/Person) and$100/8 ($12.50/Person) for the two larger rooms. Perplexingly, if you check in on Facebook, small rooms are $12/person, meaning discounts might be 6.25% if you have 4 people. You shouldn’t get the groupon if you have two people unless you are going on a weekend. Large rooms are $15/person currently, and offer a 16.66% discount.

Name: Xspace
Notes: $48 for 4 ($12/person), $69 for 6 ($11.50/person) $88 for 8 ($11/person). Regular price is $22/person, so discounts range from 45% to 50%.

Name: Xtreme Escape Adventures
Notes: $36 for 2 ($18/person) $66 for 4 ($16.50/Person) $97 for 6 ($16.17/Person). The regular discount for liking and sharing on facebook is $22.50/person, so discounts range from 20% to 28%.

Name: Paniq
Notes: $25 for 2 ($12.50/person). Regular 18.74/Person if you like, comment, and share on Facebook. This puts the discount at approximately 33.3%

Name: Live Escape
Link: and
Notes: $50.00 for 4 or $25.00 for 2 ($12.50/person in both cases). On weekdays, the regular price is $15.00/person on weekdays and $20.00/person weekends if you use cash and check in on Facebook. This places the discount at approximately 16.67% to 37.5% depending on when you’re going.


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