PANI.Q. Room Escapes (The Quarantine)

Room(s) visited
The Quarantine
Theming Some. Didn’t help.
Puzzle Design Poor.
Customer Service
I strongly disliked the room I did at this facility.

PANI.Q. Room Escapes
1065 Canadian Place, Unit 132
Mississauga, ON L4W 0B8
Cross Street: Eglington Ave. E and Tomken Rd.
Rooms: 3
Group Size: The Dark Room (2-6), The Ward (2-6), The Quarantine (2-6)
Game Time: 45 minutes
Price: $24.99/ Person (25% discount with a Facebook like, comment, and share. Date night on Tuesday, buy one get one half off)
Phone Number: 289-521-5625

I did not like The Quarantine at all. With a group of four, we took advantage of a groupon deal and booked the Quarantine room. It felt on par, or perhaps worse than when ESC-IT first started. The room was small and stuffy. The decor was made up of a few cheaply bought items, along with some themed pieces of paper taped to the walls. The puzzles felt randomly thrown together. We had an answer at some point where we had to guess at the order in which it would be inputted. Boy, that was fun. I’ll stop here because I suppose it wouldn’t really be helpful to continue describing my experience.
We left feeling like very unsatisfied. It felt like the owners should have known better, this ‘late in the game’. On the other hand, there isn’t much competition in Mississauga, so maybe it’s working out for them.


One comment

  1. By far, one of the worst places I’ve been to. We made the mistake of doing 2 rooms at this place and were incredibly disappointed with the customer service (or lack thereof) and the crappy puzzle and room design.

    I do not recommend this place to anyone. Spend your money elsewhere.


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