Seven Rooms (Mystery Egypt)

Room(s) visited
Mystery Egypt
Decor Very Egyptian. The floor is covered in sand.
Theming Some puzzles were distinctly themed. Others were more random.
Puzzle Design Poor to Acceptable.  Some parts felt very convoluted, but  most of it was okay
Customer Service
This facility felt like another in a long line of places that throw as much technology in their room and then charge a premium price.  At $28.25 (after tax), I don’t think this place is worth visiting.

Seven Rooms
684 Denison St.
Markham, ON L3R 1C1
Cross Street: Denison St. and Esna Park Dr.
Rooms: 3
Group Size: Mystery Egypt (2-4) or Saw (4-8), 7 Deadly Signs (4-8)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $25/person or $20/person for their “7 Deadly Signs” room
Site: None Listed
Phone number: 905-604-8771

I held off on visiting this facility for the longest time because I’m wary of places without readily available information. I don’t think escape facilities necessarily need a website (although that helps with appearing more professional), but you need your information out there. It was the same problem for a while with Live Escape where would-be customers have no idea how many rooms they had, or what their opening hours were, or what their prices were. To this day, there’s more information on Seven Rooms here than anything the owner decided to put out, which just seems like a bizarre oversight. Seven rooms also sells sneakers and bubble tea. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, but I’ll keep this review to the rooms.

Anyhow, the decor of Mystery Egypt matches the theme. It’s filled with hieroglyphics and pyramids and cat statues and whatever else you might expect. The floor is covered in sand, which I do think is something they should tell their customers beforehand. Xscaper Arts did this with their old ‘Mystery of Pyramids’ room too, and actually executed it better than Seven Rooms. The theming was generally acceptable, but everything mostly felt random. The overall design definitely felt like “Well, players need a code for this… so lets just write it on this door, and underneath this box, etc”. Note: this isn’t actually what they did, but it certainly felt like that was their attitude. They had a few pieces of random technology that didn’t fit the theme at all. One particular piece of technology could have been pretty interesting in a different setting.
Overall, I don’t think the visit was worth it. It was a costly endeavour at $28.25 (after tax). There are better places (even in the neighbourhood) that are more fun and cost-effective.


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