AT Escape (The Bunker Evac)

Room visited The Bunker Evac
Aesthetic They do a good job with matching the decor to the theme.
Theming Good. The puzzles often match the subject matter. Decor is nice.
Puzzle Design Poor.
Customer Service Acceptable overall.
Overall I don’t really care that much about decor in general, but I’m especially
apathetic in a 45 minute game. The Bunker Evac wasn’t the worst game I ever played, but I feel for $20 I think there are better spots.

AT Escape
173 Sheppard Ave West
North York, ON M2N 1M9
Cross Street: Sheppard Ave. and Yonge St.
Rooms: 5
Group Size: Bunker Evac (2-4), Toy Room Escape (2-6), Prison Break (2-6), Biolab Extraction (2-6), Library Lockup (2-8)
Game Time: 45 minutes
Price: $30.00/Person ($12 discount with Facebook like and check-in)
Phone Number: 647-341-8989

The first room I visited at AT Escape was the Bunker Evac room. The background of the room is that your team of soldiers have to retrieve top secret documents in a bunker, presumably before it’s overrun by enemy fire. This was probably one of the first rooms I did with a video introduction, which I thought was neat. The room itself is tiny – Maybe 6 feet by 6 feet? The site sizes it as 2-4, but I felt crowded at 2, and I imagine it would feel absolutely claustrophobic at 4. Other places have briefing rooms that are larger than this.
The decor of the room is nice. It’s not close to the big productions I’ve seen, but there was definitely a concerted effort to making it seem like a bunker. One of the puzzles was themed well, while most were random. Still, that’s more effort than most places.
Design-wise, I don’t like the room. There are linear components to the room, but you have access to nearly everything (it’s a small space), and no real indication that some things can’t be done until later. I posted it before, but there was a puzzle with a strong (unintentional) red herring that just wastes your time. Overall, the game felt short and that the difficulty was more from logistics rather than puzzles. I’ll explain more on why I hate that at the end of the review.
At the time, they had a really crappy hint system where you had to signal for help, and the staff woud have to simultaneously be looking at you while you were waving. Thankfully they’ve put in a better system, but I will cover that in the next post on the Biolab Extraction.

At some point (maybe late September), the owner of AT Escape sent me an email saying they had made improvements. They had put in a new hint system, and apparently the staff would be better trained at delivering hints. I was invited to book again if I wanted to give them a second chance. I did not take him up on that offer at the time. Letting that them know ahead of time that I was coming would be sure to give me a non-representative experience.


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