News 2015-03-02

Lost Canada has officially opened on Sunday. Playtime is 45 minutes, and the price appears to be $28/person. They are located at 685 Queen Street West. The four themes they have available to start are The Lost Den, The Gallery Codex, The Return of Nemesis, and The Royal Cemetery. Lost Canada is the Canadian branch of a franchise from Hong Kong.

Mission 45 has opened a new room named Nuclear Crisis. The story behind this room is that terrorists have infiltrated a nuclear power plant, and has sabotaged it to explode in 45 minutes. You and your team have the job of breaking into the control room and shutting down the control system. The recommended players says 2-4, which makes it seem like its going to be on the smaller end. There is also a disclaimer on the page saying “If you are booking for “Nuclear Crisis”, you MUST make sure all players can clear a 2x2ft hole.”

Great Escape has closed their ‘The Dungeon’ room, and has replaced it with ‘The Dollhouse. This marks the first escape facility that has actually made a whole ‘rotation’ and replaced every single room they started with.

Breakout Team Adventures has reduced their price of admission to $22/person, including tax. There is now an additional $2 discount for Facebook like and check-in.

Xspace has announced that they are replacing their ‘Forest Escape’ with a One Piece theme. They also announced that they are replacing their ‘Plan X’ theme in April.

Escape Key has given some information about their room. I believe this is just their original room, but they had previously not given any information on it. The room is called Lady Evelyn’s Paradox. The story is that you’ve found yourself in a small room, handcuffed. You’ve been hired to convince Lady Evelyn to sell her family’s research,but she’s unwilling. A note warns you not to follow. Who is Lady Evelyn? What research? Where did she go? And, what to do about these handcuffs…

Ongoing News

March 6th is coming up, and the location puzzle for Puzzled Pint is going to be released. To explain again, the puzzle will reveal the address of a local bar/pub that you can visit on March 10th to solve a series of puzzles. Puzzled Pint takes place in 16 cities in North America. Times will be taken down, and standings will be uploaded HERE. It’s supposed to be fun and casual, so don’t be intimidated into thinking it’s a ‘hardcore’ puzzle solving event.

Escape Room Niagara Falls has announced that ‘The Bunker’ and ‘The Castle’ has no additional times, as they will be undergoing renovations for the next week (approximately until the end of February).

Escape Games is continuing their contest to have a lucky group playtest their newest room, ‘The Unknown’. Link to details here: HERE

Omescape is running a contest where a group of players are given the opportunity to play the final two rooms, ‘The Penitentiary’, and the ‘Mysterious Study, before they are released to the public. Link HERE

Removed Escape Key’s deal. Their site says they aren’t currently taking bookings. Removed The Hour’s discount code, it has expired.

Name: XSpace
Notes: As part of their ‘season 2’ promotion, their price of admission has been reduced by 45% to $12/person. This expires April 1st, 2015.

Name: Xscaper Arts
Notes: Like/check-in their Facebook Page to get 15% off. Having a group of 4+ players gets you 15% off. It doesn’t say it explicitly, but I get the impression that the discounts can be combined. This seems like it’ll be running until the end of February.

Name: Origin Room Break
Notes:$23 for two ($11.50/person) and $45 for four ($11.25/person) redeemable from Monday to Friday.
$25 for two ($12.50/person) redeemable Saturday and Sunday , $49 for four ($12.25/person)redeemable from Saturday to Sunday. The regular pricing at Origin Room Break is $20/Person if you like them on facebook, ranging discounts from 37.50% to 43.75% off.

Name: NextRelic
Notes:$24 for 2($12/Person), $47 for 4 ($11.75/Person) $69 for 6 ($11.50/Person), $88/8 ($11/Person). The regular pricing at NextRelic seems to be $28/person with a dollar discount for each additional person. This makes the end discount variable depending on your group size, but discounts should be around 55%.

Name: Mission 45
Notes: $25 for 2 ($12.50/person) and $45 for 4 ($11.25/person) for the small rooms. $80 for 6 ($13.33/Person) and$100/8 ($12.50/Person) for the two larger rooms. Perplexingly, if you check in on Facebook, small rooms are $12/person, meaning discounts might be 6.25% if you have 4 people. You shouldn’t get the groupon if you have two people unless you are going on a weekend. Large rooms are $15/person currently, and offer a 16.66% discount.

Name: Room Escape Adventures
Notes: There is a processing fee of $2.53. **Note, I’ve been made aware that this site is actually dealing in USD.

Name: Xspace
Notes: $48 for 4 ($12/person), $69 for 6 ($11.50/person) $88 for 8 ($11/person). Regular price is $22/person, so discounts range from 45% to 50%.

Name: Xtreme Escape Adventures
Notes: $36 for 2 ($18/person) $66 for 4 ($16.50/Person) $97 for 6 ($16.17/Person). The regular discount for liking and sharing on facebook is $22.50/person, so discounts range from 20% to 28%.

Name: Paniq
Notes: $25 for 2 ($12.50/person). Regular 18.74/Person if you like, comment, and share on Facebook. This puts the discount at approximately 33.3%

Name: Live Escape
Link: and
Notes: $50.00 for 4 or $25.00 for 2 ($12.50/person in both cases). On weekdays, the regular price is $15.00/person on weekdays and $20.00/person weekends if you use cash and check in on Facebook. This places the discount at approximately 16.67% to 37.5% depending on when you’re going.


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