Site News 2015-02-26

I’m foregoing a Themed Thursday post today, because I felt like I should give an update concerning some of the site changes.


  • There is now a Home button.
  • I cleaned up the sidebar on the right
  • I put in ‘Read More’ buttons because of how text-heavy my posts are


  • I’ll be updating this significantly in the future


  • I’ve replaced the Recommendations page with this Reviews page
  • I’ll be writing new reviews for most places
  • The only reviews I don’t plan on redoing are ones that only have a singular ‘room’ (eg. Lockquest, Real Escape Game Volume 1, etc).

Toronto Escape Games Master List

  • I’ve seperated the games in the GTA from those outside the GTA
  • Most entries were updated, and I tried to standardize the description of discounts
  • I moved the map of escape rooms in Ontario to another page.  It doesn’t really make sense that I put something resource heavy that requires loading on this page. I’d rather keep it as pure text for ease of searching

Maps and Tables

  • I put the map here, along with a table
  • There’s a blurb above the table with a description of how to use it and what the columns represent. This table was a hassle! WordPress doesn’t allow javascript, and a google spreadsheet loses its sorting function. Anyhow, the table isn’t meant to replace the master list. It exists just for things that I think might be useful or interesting to sort. For example, you can sort by minimum/maximum player count. Or whether a facility has a birthday promotion.



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