Escape Game’s ‘The Unknown’ – Jungle Themed?

Escape Games has been working on a mysterious new room called ‘The Unknown’. We have no details, other than what’s given on their site in the mission section:

You may know nothing about this mission. You either do it or have it remain a mystery.

Not recommended for those with heart conditions.

SPOILER WARNING! (Not really, I don’t actually know anything, please don’t take my conjecture as fact).

There have been small update posts on twitter . There were monkeys in both tweets!!!

Escape Games also made a Facebook post and Tweet today with the ticket for The Unknown. Another monkey! And in a jungle setting. Mystery revealed?

UHH. No way. I call BS. Follow me into my madness as we investigate the ‘real’ theme.

Exhibit A:

There’s a shadow of a man holding a rifle in the background. What’s he pointing his gun at?! There’s a goddamn tiger in front of him! Is there a bigger threat in the jungle?

Exhibit B:

That is clearly Groot.

Exhibit C:

Fat Skull Wizard?

Exhibit D:

Camouflouged zebra?

Exhibit E:




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