Themed Thursday – Proposal

Super late post! It’s Valentines this weekend. I’m tempted to spew cynical bitter remarks about how commercialized this holiday is, but I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about escape rooms and romance. Over the year, I’ve read that certain escape room facilities have hosted marriage proposals! Neat. I guess you would need some sort of amicable relationship with a facility with extra space. The whole thing could be mutually beneficial since it would be good press (assuming the proposal goes well!).
Here are two examples. There are more, and even some from Ontario, but these two have video! The first is taking place in ‘Freeing!Canada’ in Richmond BC, while the second takes place in ‘Escape Room’ in Malaysia. It’s subtitled in English.

I’m not really one to judge, and I hope these couples get their happy ending, but there’s definitely a few things I’d want to do differently! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want friends/family there, for one. I would definitely want to customize the experience to the relationship as well.
I’d like to put a disclaimer here that I’m male, and that you can feel free to replace any mentions of either gender with any gender you want. It will get tiresome to read if I try to keep everything gender neutral.
To start it off, tell her that you’re beta testing an escape room themed loosely like the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (great movie btw). You’re in the subconscious of a woman who’s (regretfully) erased all memories of a relationship, and it’s your job to piece it all back together. Each significant puzzle will actually be a significant milestone of your relationship. Unless your milestones are super unique, or you’re proposing to Sherlock Holmes, I think she will start off assuming that the similarities between the game and your relationship are coincidences. If she catches on, just deny deny deny! Obviously, you secretly know all the answers. As the game goes on, gently nudge things in the right direction, or solve things outright if it’ll help you maintain your cover or help keep the experience smooth.
I was thinking that it would all culminate in the discovery of the ring, but that narrative doesn’t feel quite right to me. You’d have to extract the ring and then propose with it. And what if she thinks you’re just making some kind of joke with a prop inside the escape room? Instead, keep the ring on you, and the game culminates in some sort of short sweet note. Make sure she solves the final puzzle, and reads the letter aloud. Make sure her name is mentioned in the note towards the end! As she approaches the end, prepare the ring and get down on one knee!

What kind of room would you want to see out there? Email me at and let me know.

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