Omescape (Dark Altar)

7501 Woodbine Ave, Unit 7
Markham, ON L3R 2W1
Cross Street: Woodbine Ave. and Esna Park Dr.
Rooms: 3
Group Size: Joker’s Asylum (5-10), The Kingdom of Cats (3-8), Dark Altar (4-8)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $29.95/person weekends, $26.95/person weekdays ($5 discount with a like and checkin on facebook. There are combos that include bubble tea and board game play that I’m not going to list here)
Phone Number: 905-695-9556

Rooms visited: Dark Altar
Theming: Good.
Puzzle Design: Good.
Customer Service: Good.
Would I go back? Yes! They have a contest going on HERE where you can sign up for a chance to play their final two games before they open.

Disclaimer: Part of my experience was hampered by my group size, and there’s really no one to blame but myself – I accidentally read the 6-10 player count for The Penitentiary, and had more people come than I’d have preferred. As I’ve said before, I like to take smaller numbers. You get to experience more of the game.

I went on opening day, a few weeks ago. I was excited to see if Omescape would continue it’s good streak and it has. Omescape remains the champion of the Northern Markham/Unionville area. The only reason I haven’t reviewed Dark Altar until now is that I was occupied with some other random stuff. First off, I’m happy to say that nothing malfunctioned for my group. I’m always worried about that for the opening week of a new room, and I’m going to go on a tirade next week about how unethical untested games are. But anyhow, no real hiccups.
The puzzle designs aren’t amazing, but they are good (and sufficient). I commend Dark Altar for it’s minimum of 4 players and an overall design to match. I’ve even been to games where a high minimum player count would be used once as a gimmick, which always left me with the impression that they were using it only to get bigger group sizes into their business. Having a high minimum player count to get larger groups is fine by me.. But design the game around it!

I enjoyed Dark Altar! I am going to put it on my recommendations list. In terms of the Omescape landscape, I enjoyed Kingdom of Cats and Joker’s Asylum more, but I suspect that the general public will enjoy Dark Altar over Joker’s Asylum. I escape all too much, so my team isn’t very phased by split-team games – I think that the average consumer will enjoy the more straightforward approach of Dark Altar. Kingdom of Cats remains my favourite at this location, and the majority of people I’ve polled agree.


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