News 2015-01-26

Escape Games ( posted a contest giveaway for a group of 5 to test their new room, The Unknown! (LINK)

Omescape ( opened up their third room on Sunday, the Dark Altar.

Adventure Rooms ( has opened their new location in Niagara Falls!

Escape Manor ( in Ottawa had its ‘official’ opening. I think they were taking customers before this, but the mayor of Ottawa was there to smash a piggybank, so here you go!

Escape Manor also announced their new room, The Asylum, which opens on February Friday the 13th.

It’s not escape-related, but I have posted about puzzle hunts before. Last week, the MIT Mystery Hunt ran for almost 40 hours (!) before the winners Luck, I am your father emerged at 5:00 am on Sunday. Clavis Cryptica has written the introduction to her experience here ( There are writeups for MIT Mystery Hunts from previous years as well.

I’ve also been trying to organize the information at the Master List in a more clean organized fashion. Anyone have any ideas on how that might work?



  1. Hmmm, we can brainstorm if you want on the Master List? What I used to do was put it into an editable wiki for people to update (but that can get hectic)

    Hey, maybe we could get a mini wiki going! Ok, that’s a LOT of work too… forget that idea.


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