Omescape (Kingdom of Cats)

7501 Woodbine Ave, Unit 7
Markham, ON L3R 2W1
Cross Street: Woodbine Ave. and Esna Park Dr.
Rooms: 2
Group Size: Joker’s Asylum (5-10), The Kingdom of Cats (3-8), Dark Altar (4-8)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $29.95/person weekends, $26.95/person weekdays ($5 discount with a like and checkin on facebook. There are combos that include bubble tea and board game play that I’m not going to list here)
Phone Number: 905-695-9556

Rooms visited: Kingdom of Cats
Theming: Meow. Great!
Puzzle Design: Good.
Customer Service: Good
Would I go back? They’re out of rooms again, but I’ll be back.

Omescape is fast becoming my new favourite spot. Kingdom of Cats was great. Two out of two rooms have been really fun. I don’t know how much designing the owners of Omescape actually do. But even if all they’re doing is bringing the best escapes rooms from China over here, I’ll be very happy.

I actually went to Omescape the very same night I went to the Scarborough edition of Xscaper Arts. After that debacle and after dinner, my friends and I felt unsatisfied with how the day went. We drove to Omescape and ominously told the staff they had to salvage our evening. But salvage it they did!

The story of Kingdom of Cats is that you have fallen down the proverbial rabbit (cat) hole and into the Kingdom of Cats. You’re trapped there and you have to complete their tests to escape. The theming is fantastic. I don’t have any particular love for cats in real life, but the theme was very cute and adorable. It has a very Alice-in-Wonderland-esque feel to the game. The tests given by the Cats are actually themed accordingly as well – you have to prove your worthiness with tests of Agility (no serious physical activity actually required), Intelligence, and other cat-qualities.

There are no major complaints. One technological component didn’t work as intended towards the end. However, they addressed it promptly and effectively.The puzzles and overall game designed were fair.

I would definitely recommend the Kingdom of Cats. I think it’s almost a shame they have a minimum of 3, because it seems like it could be an appropriate room to introduce a date to your secret escape room obsession.



    1. I’ve talked to someone about the one in San Francisco! It sounded like they might have used some interesting proprietary technology that might not be found elsewhere.
      A quick google shows that the rooms in Omescape in Toronto are from locations in China (translated to English).


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