Real Escape Game Vol. 2 (Escape From the Time Travel Lab)

Room(s) visited Vol. 1 Escape From the Mysterious Room and Vol. 2 Escape From the Time Travel Lab
Theming There are both puzzles that feel very random but also a few strongly themed elements.
Puzzle Design Most puzzles are at least acceptable, but the more themed elements make the game.
Customer Service Good. Our host Michael was very friendly.
Would I go back? Future games from Real Escape Game/SCRAP won’t be in the ‘escape room’ format. If other cities are any indication, the next set of games will be big events/activities where many different teams of people are working in a big space. I’ve piped on about puzzle hunts and this is a step in that direction, so sign me up.

Real Escape Game Toronto: Volume 2
167 Augusta Ave, ON M5T 2L4
Cross Street: Spadina Ave. and Dundas St. West
Rooms: 1
Group Size: 11
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $28.00/person
Phone number: None Listed

I really liked the game. It has cool mechanics in it which other escape room businesses can’t really pull off. That being said, I did have mixed feelings about certain aspects, but I won’t cover them here. My internal debate about whether this should be talked about is actually why I haven’t posted a review on this particular game yet,
I actually went a few weeks ago. I brought half a team and the other half was booked off by strangers. It’s less scavenging-orientated, and more puzzle based than Volume 1. I had more fun with Volume 2, although those new to the escape room hobby are more likely to enjoy themselves more with Volume 1. It’s ultimately a matter of preference though.

I’ve really come to respect REG/SCRAP as a franchise. The key to franchising is consistency. I have little doubt that any Tim Hortons is significantly different from any other Tim Hortons in another city. In very much the same way, it seems like REG delivers a more consistent experience to players than most places. It really does seem like everyone I talk to who’s been to either Volumes has either beaten the game or felt very close! I have mixed feelings about the whole setup, but I’ve decided to not write about them here. They aren’t spoilers, but its possible my thoughts on the subject could affect’s people’s experiences. If anyone actually wants to talk about it, feel free to e-mail me.

Overall, I had fun. The game itself is good. I’d definitely recommend it to people who are fans of the hobby. There are portions seasoned players will be able to appreciate more than beginners.


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