News 2014-12-13

iEscaped ( have opened up their newest room, “Space”. It’s a dimly-lit room with the theme that your team has crash landed on an alien planet. Your ship is beyond repair, but you find a deserted space shuttle you must repair before oxygen runs out.

Great Escape ( announced that they are replacing their serial killer room “The Garage.” This marks the third room they’ve changed out, which might be the highest number of room/theme replacements.

Escape Room Niagara Falls ( posted a picture of their upcoming room, the Castle! It actually looks very quaint and unique

The Hour ( in St. Catharines posted a teaser picture of a room in construction. It seems music related?

Exodus Escape Rooms ( in London posted a picture of a new room on twitter. I’m not entirely sure if it’s serious or not, but its tagline was “Our newest game… You have 60mins to find the single key that opens the door!”

Have a nice weekend folks!


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