News 2014-11-25

Escape Maze ( in Peterborough is closing down their Old Saloon room. They closed down their Haunted Ghost Town room a few weeks ago, without (publically) stating their plans to replace it. Maybe they’re combining the space for a new room? More baseless conjecture because I’m too lazy to ask.

Exodus Escape Rooms ( is opening in London (Ontario, for that special singular UK reader) on January 8th! Their have a pair of rooms named Gemini, which seem to be for simultaneous games. Their third room is called the Den of Deceit!

Escape ( is also opening in London in 5 days!

Escape Games ( has finally opened their much anticipated 6th room, The Haunting of Noriko!They’ve advertised on facebook that it’s another two-story escape room and is their biggest production to date.

Accompanying the opening is also a strange raffle draw. You can participate by beating the room,  filling out some forms, and liking and sharing their facebook post. Three names will be drawn and the prize is that they will have their heads cast into Japanese Yūrei (Japanese Ghosts)

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