News 2014-11-17

I’m lamenting my poor search skills, because there’s yet another place that has been open for a few weeks now that has flown under my radar! The Hour ( is located in St. Catharines and currently has two rooms available: Emma’s Disappearance and Prison Break. Relevant information has been added to the master list.

Escape ( or is opening up in London, Ontario, in two weeks. They’re hosting riddles on their facebook that reward correct answers with 10% discounts. London is so far, but the facebook posts seem to indicate they might have a plane crash scenario similar to Roundabout (whatever happened to these guys?). Exciting stuff

Exit Strategy ( has now opened their second room: Prison Break.

ESC-IT ( is commemorating their one year anniversary on Sunday November 23rd by giving out prizes to every player on attending on that day. “Some lucky escapers will getting gas gift cards, free movie tickets, etc. whereas other escapers will be in for a surprisingly random gift!”

Escape Maze ( has closed down their Haunted Ghost Town room. It was their newest room, so I’m guessing they it be a flexible season room? Just conjecture

A few days ago, Breakout in the Chinatown region has renamed themselves to Escape Zone (, not to be confused with the similar-sounding Xscape Zone /(

NextRelic ( has apparently finished their renovations and are taking customers again.



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