News 2014-11-10

Less news!

Another missed location in the Markham area, Xscape Zone (! I haven’t visited here, but probably won’t any time soon. Its worthy of note that they serve bubble tea. One of their themes is called the Mysterious Wild Store (神秘包子店). I thought it must be a translation error so I put it through google translate and got the even funnier “Mysterious Bun Shop.” My friend confirmed that it does translate to a Mysterious Bun Shop. There’s probably a 0% chance of this actually being the case, but I would find the search for a mysterious secret ingredient to a chinese bun to be a great theme.

Escape Manor ( in Ottawa finally launched their full site and unveiled their location at 201 Queen Street – 4th Floor Ottawa, ON K1P 5C9. It’s too far for me, but let me know how your experience is if you do go.

Nextrelic ( has also finished their renovations.

I’ll write about Lockquest tomorrow instead. I intend on doing some spring cleaning on the master list, making sure the prices and other information is up to date.

EDIT: Fun fact! So we have Trapped and Trapped! with an exclamation mark. We have Breakout and Breakout Team Adventures. We have Xscaper Arts, Xspace, and Xscape Zone. What would you call your room escape?



    1. That’d be a great consolation prize!

      There’s an old Hong Kong horror film where the mysterious bun ingredient was human. They did something similar in the film Dumpling as well. I wonder if that’s what they’re getting at… Hmm..

      How Chinese food in the UK Chris?


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