News 2014-11-09

Lockquest ( is opening on Thursday! More on that tomorrow

Trapped exclamation mark ( has fully opened in the downtown area.

Apparently a place has been open for nearly a month without my knowing in the Richmond Hill area called Origin Room Break ( I regularly check for new places. I think it’s a real failure in marketing when someone who’s looking for businesses like yours to miss you completely.

Mystery Room’s ( second location has now be opened.

EDIT: I was talking to someone about why I even mention Mystery Room, if I dislike their practices so much. Aren’t I helping them promote by talking about them at all? The way I see it, I can have an opinion about news, but people can come to their own conclusions. I’m even stricter with the list ( and I try to keep it objective. As some people (or businesses) know, I’m not going to approve comments on that page.



  1. Think one of the Trappeds will end up renaming themselves? It’s pretty silly.

    Some businesses like to do a “soft launch” in advance of any marketing or official announcement, so they have less load while they work out initial kinks. (This is common for restaurants for example.) So it’s possible that’s what Origin Room Break is doing, and it’s not a marketing failure per se.


    1. It’s possible, but I doubt it. If you made that same argument for a place like 505escape, where they dont have an actual site yet, sure. Origin Break Room is running a promotion where it’s 50% off and they have all three rooms open. They have a fully functioning website.

      Trapped did exactly what you described. Last week, they had a pre-opening ‘event’ with limited time slots. That sounds like what you’re describing – a smaller load to work out initial problems.


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