ESC-IT (Mission Museum 7.0)

5051 Highway 7, Unit 10 & 11
Markham, ON L3R 1N3
Cross Street: McCowan Rd. and Bullock Dr.
Rooms: 7
Group Size: 2-5
Game Time: 45 minutes
Price: $15/Person (With Like and Checkin on Facebook, $12/Person weekdays)
Phone Number: 905-604-3948

Rooms visited: Bed Room Nightmare, Code War, Storage of Secrets, Mission Museum 7.0
Theming: A bit of hit or miss
Puzzle Design: Acceptable
Customer Service: Acceptable
Would I go back? Sure

A little bit of backstory! A long time ago, I was bitching to my friends about how I wished escape rooms would make its way to Canada and settled for this ‘murder mystery’ at the ROM (Not what I expected by the way, but I’ll talk about that another time). ESC-IT popped up and was the first escape room I ever visited, back in it’s old Richmond Hill location. I think maybe they were the second or third to hit Ontario. They’ve been doing well and has since then moved to its current location near Markville mall. I visited Code war, Bed room nightmare, and Storage of secrets at the old location. I recently visited their new location and tried their latest room. Mission Museum 7.0.

I held off on reviewing ESC-IT for a while because all the rooms I had done were at the old location. To my knowledge, none of the rooms have changed since the move. I was told that the old location was built at a piano studio. The rooms were rather small and suffocating, but things definitely seemed improved at their new location.

Mission Museum was acceptable. It passes in many regards. The puzzles matched the difficulty level advertised. They had one interesting puzzle in there I hadn’t seen before, so kudos to them. The room was overall had a simple design, but not really anything I can complain about. Theme-wise, it resembles an art gallery. I liked Mission Museum better than some of their previous rooms, although I’ll refrain from talking about those in case they actually did improve any of them.
In a lot of ways, I feel I have outgrown these kind of rooms. It gives off the impression it was designed to be acceptable, rather than to impress. They’ve been doing great so far, but I’d encourage ESC-IT to try and push the envelope, seeing as how they now have 30 (and eventually 40) competitors. At $12/person, it’s tied with Locked-In for being the cheapest escape room experience you can have – you really can’t complain. I’d definitely recommend these places as a good starting point in the hobby.


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