News 2014-10-28 UPDATE

505 Escape ( does seem to be open. Their name and URL matching Xspace seems to be a coincidence.  The price is $25/person and they seem to have two rooms.  I don’t have any substantial information on minimum and maximum group sizes and I’m tired of having to ask, so I’ll wait until their site is up before I bother updating anything.

Trapped! ( downtown is opening fully sometime in November. Their pre-launch event opened up their Claustrophobia and Pandemic room, but they seemed fully booked for the weekend.

Trapped ( Markham doesn’t have all its rooms open yet, but are taking customers. They have a point system to their admission, and  have a ‘boss’ room/theme that you have to unlock.

Fun fact! When the the two Trapped’s replied to my e-mails, Gmail actually sorted them into the same e-mail chain, probably from the similar domain names.

A new room escape called Mystery Escape Rooms ( is having a soft opening in London, Ontario at 551 Waterloo Street London, Ontario.

Room Escape Adventures ( suddenly went from coming soon to opening outright. It seems to be the trend of this new wave of opening suddenly and out of nowhere. The premise of Room Escape Adventures is different than most. Similar to SCRAP’s Real Escape Game, it’s for big groups (12 people), and there’s a chance you’ll be paired up with strangers if you don’t book off an entire time slot. I sent an e-mail asking what happens if your time slot comes up and you don’t have the requisite 12 people, but I have gotten a reply. At one side of the room, a zombie is chained up. Every 5 minutes, the length of chain the zombie has increases. If you get touched by the zombie, you’re eaten!

Decipher Rooms ( announced that they are replacing the Office with an Alice in Wonderland themed Tea room on November 4th.

Great Escape ( announced that they are replacing their Rubik’s room with The Museum November 7th.



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