News 2014-10-28

Live Escape had a soft opening last weekend at 113 Montezuma Trail, at the end of the Brimwood plaza. Their site isn’t really up and running and their facebook page hasn’t updated yet, but trust me that they are there. They are opening fully this weekend, but I couldn’t tell you what the price is or how many rooms they have. I’ll edit this part of the news post if they do update themselves.

505 Escape ( seems to have opened at 3411 McNicoll Ave Unit 4 and 5. Their website doesn’t seem to be up, but their facebook page ( seems to indicate that they’re taking groups. Maybe they’re beta testing their rooms. XSpace in Scarborough has the url I’m not sure if these places are related in any way. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe 505 means something in Mandarin I don’t understand.

In other really interesting news, two other places seem to have opened, or are imminently opening. A long time ago, I had a place called Trapped on my soon-to-be-opening portion ofthe Master List. They never updated their site and never replied to me when I used their contact us window. Last week, I removed them because of their lack of updates. Nobody e-mailed me to complain. Last night, they just suddenly fully opened (

In the downtown area, Trapped! (  has a pre-launch event listed on their facebook page, whatever that means. They’re located at 118 Dundas Street W. So we have Trapped and Trapped! with an exclamation mark now!

Exciting stuff. I sent them both an e-mail. I’ll update with information if any of these places bother to reply to me.


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