Tips and Tricks Vol 2.

1) Look for the type of inputs
Sometimes you’re overwhelmed with information and red herrings and you don’t know how to proceed. Look to your next lock/puzzle/obstacle to see what kind of information you need. Are you looking for a 4 digit number code? Are you looking for a 5 letter word? This gives you a good clue on where to look next.

2) Figure out what kind of room you’re in
There are different styles to escape rooms. Some places require you to turn everything in the room over . Some places have a very linear style of puzzles. The further you progress in a room, the more you understand about the style of room you’re in. Knowing what kind of room you’re in gives you a better idea if you’re stuck because you just haven’t solved the puzzle, or if you’re missing pieces entirely

3) Brute force the last digit
If you’re in a time crunch and working through a puzzle, it can be faster to just run through 10 digits on the last number. If it doesn’t work, it still reveals that something you assumed as correct was in fact not.



  1. Some room organizers get annoyed when you start exhaustively trying combinations! (I try to avoid the term “brute force”, which might also apply to literally smashing something open, which is pretty much always a no-no.)

    Hopefully they tell you that up front if that’s “in bounds”. Got me in serious trouble in the Escape Room Adventures escape-from-a-zombie room…


    1. haha.. I haven’t met any proprietors who have complained about ‘brute forcing’ the last digit before. I’ve had cases where my group couldn’t figure out an answer, brute force the last digit, and take a quick look backwards to try and figure out how how that could possibly have been the answer.

      Fun fact, the directional locks have a variable length, making them highly resistant to brute forcing. I’ve also seen several electronic safes and door numpad’s that lock up if you put in too many incorrect answers.


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