News 2014-10-22

iEscaped ( opens on Friday October 24th at 5297 Yonge St. (Approximately Yonge and Cummer), making them the third Escape Room business in that K-Town area. Apparently they have a opening discount promotion, as well as a raffle to win $100, $200, or $500.

Escape Manor ( is launching their full site in a week. I e-mailed them asking whether this would be when they announced their actual location (someplace mysterious in Ottawa), but they replied just to stay tuned.

Both iEscaped and Escape Manor both kept their location tight-lipped. I’m really curious as to why, since it seems like it would be better marketing to let people know a room escape is opening up in your area as soon as possible. Maybe there are more factors at work than I realize

Paniq ( is opening at 1065 Canadian place #132 in Mississauga on the 25th of October

I managed to reach the owner of NextRelic (, and they are apparently still in-business, but were/are renovating. They seem to have revamped their website layout as well.

I’ve been notified that I have apparently missed the opening of another new room escape place!
Exit Strategy ( opened last Saturday in the Burlington area at 1233 Northside Road, Burlington.


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