Breakout Team Adventures Inc. (Liberty Squad)

Room visited The Liberty Squad
Aesthetic The game looks good. There are appropriately looking WWII props in the game.
Theming Good. The puzzles often match the subject matter.
Puzzle Design Good. There were unique elements.
Customer Service Acceptable overall.
Overall Liberty’s Squad’s good. It felt shorter than other 60 minute games when I did it. No idea if any changes have been made.

Breakout Team Adventures Inc.
705 Progress Ave, Unit 44
Toronto, ON. M1H2X1
Cross Street: McCowan Rd. and Progress Ave.
Rooms: 2
Group Size: Liberty Squad (4-10), Hangover(4-10)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $22.00/Person (Tax included, $2 discount for Facebook like and check-in)
Phone Number: 647-350-6818

Breakout Team Adventures is in the Scarborough/Markham area. They only have one room out at the time of writing this, the WWII themed Liberty Squad. In the Liberty Squad, your group is split up into two teams. One team consists of captured commanders, while the other is composed of their rescue team. The commanders are blindfolded and brought into a room and handcuffed, while the rescue team starts in another room. Splitting up a team in two is a premise I’ve seen before, but the Liberty Squad Room definitely has some very unique elements.  For whatever reason, Breakout Team Adventures doesn’t have a difficulty rating system, but I think the Liberty Squad room would probably rate somewhere around 3/10 in difficulty. It’s just a guess, because the style of the puzzles/obstacles are very different, but I think it’s within reason that beginners could beat it.

My one complaint about the overarching puzzle design is that I don’t think a proper balance of puzzles/obstacles between the two sides have been reached just yet. I was part of the rescue team with one partner, while two other friends of ours were the captured commanders. In our post-game debrief, it definitely seemed like one side had significantly more obstacles to overcome.



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