News 2014-10-17

Tickets for the Real Escape Game Volume 2: Escape from the Time Travel Lab are now available at  . In related news, I refreshed at 12:01 and ticket sales still didn’t show up. At 12:02, someone instantly booked off November 7th, and I hate you whoever you are. I also hate the Real Escape Game for being a minute late, and they will only be redeemed if Volume 2 is amazing.

Escape Room Niagara Falls ( have opened up their limited event, Trapped in the Carnival! There are 4 dates available – October 24, 25, 31 and November 1. Check out their professional and creepy ad for the event here:
There’s an age restriction of 19+, which makes me curious.

Decipher Rooms ( is replacing their room ‘The Office’. I believe it’ll be around for 3 more days.

The Great Escape ( announced that they’re opening their third room, The Haunting, on October 24th.

Escape Room Niagara Falls has updated that they have a guest magician

Also, I culled a few items out of the Toronto Escape Master List.  A long lack of updates and lack of response seems to indicate that some of these business plans may have fallen through. Feel free to e-mail me if you want something re-listed.



  1. I found vol. 2 much better than vol. 1. I felt that vol. 1 had a nearly impenetrable endgame (we got lucky and stumbled our way to the answer); vol. 2 made more “sense” to me.

    Definitely recommend more than your standard 4-5 people for this one though!


    1. I definitely agree with Volume 1, which I assume to be the same here in Toronto because it’s a franchise.

      Since the time slot I wanted was taken, I booked 6 slots on a random date/time thinking it would secure me the slot. It did NOT :/ Some group of 5 (or a bunch of randoms) booked the rest of the slots for the time.


      1. Man, that’s a bummer. I bet you could get them to change the date on your tickets and buy out the remainder. I’ve had decent experiences with strangers, but also not so great times….

        (I went to a talk by SCRAP once, and their chief local organizer reported being surprised because Japanese audiences love playing with strangers and find being able to meet people a big draw; Americans were much more interested in playing only with their friends. Not sure how that translates to Canadians but I imagine it’s similar.)

        How tightly contested are escape room tickets there? Here (SF), SCRAP rooms fill out a couple months in advance and I typically recommend just buying all 11 slots and then asking around for players. The other escape rooms are much less booked, you could get tickets the day before in many cases (sufficiently few tickets are sold that I wonder about their viability in some cases).

        But SCRAP brought the concept here, so they have the most local mind share.


        1. Unfortunately, they listed out they have a no cancellation and no change of dates policy. Essentially, if i wanted the rest of the slots, I would have to hunt down the group and bargain to pay for their slots (or sell them mine, though that seems less likely since they chose a time slot that people had filled). It’s frustrating, but I knew that going in, so it’s my fault for not properly gauging the demand.

          I’m not really opposed to meeting people on a general level,. Sure enough, I’ve met people I wouldn’t otherwise have through the hobby. I wanted to play with a group of 11 because the nature of REG volume 1 required coordination and communication and trust!
          If some stranger says he searched this desk and found nothing, do I trust him? Would he be super offended for the rest of the hour if I re-checked the desk?

          I think SCRAP’s REG Vol 1 has been very successful here. They were fairly early entrants into the market and they have the prestige of having been successful in other countries. They didn’t really ‘set the mold’ here, which is actually to their credit. Most of the escape businesses here follow the model of the escape businesses that are more popular in China, which don’t require staff on-hand in the room with you. It’s probably cheaper not having to pay wages, but it also means REG has some unique benefits and mechanics that would be hard to replicate.


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