Tips and Tricks Vol 1.

1) Player Count
I like 3-5 people. It’s a common mistake to think that the more people you bring, the better you will do. Most rooms aren’t designed with huge numbers in mind. Bringing large numbers will leave players sitting around in rooms with a linear design. 3-5 players is a comfortable number that offers multiple points of view without leaving anyone out.

2) Double Check the Work
It happens all the time that a box or safe isn’t searched properly. Or sometimes, you put in the right code to a lock and it doesn’t work! Swap the person out. Maybe they’re tired and they’re hitting the wrong buttons. Or maybe they had a brain fart, and they’re not lining the numbers properly on locks.
I’m lucky enough to play with the same group of friends. We aren’t offended when we check each other’s work, but I wouldn’t recommend it if your group has people touchy about this sort of stuff.

3) Communicate
Announce when you find something!



    1. The rooms in Toronto? Or do you mean the Real Escape Game in particular? The Real Escape Game is a special exception to the 3-5, because they specifically require 11 people.

      I think a lot of room escape businesses are rather liberal about the upper bounds of their rooms. It makes sense, financially, but I’d rather have a comfortable experience. I’ve finished rooms where I’m checking my notes afterwards and think to myself “Really? They thought you could fit 8 in there?”
      Maybe if everyone was stationary and just spun on the spot solving things that were at an arm’s length


      1. I meant the rooms in general. (I assume SCRAP there is the same as SCRAP here.)

        Maybe it’s because SCRAP “set the mold” locally so everyone’s following that example, but 10 felt comfortable in most rooms here, which were mostly around the same size as SCRAP’s rooms.

        Some day I would very much like to take a trip to Toronto and spend a few days playing escape rooms! Sounds like I’d be best bringing 4-5 friends, not 10 friends (though we could always split up).


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