Real Escape Game Vol. 1 (Escape from the Mysterious Room)

Room(s) visited Escape From the Mysterious Room
Theming It’s relatively themeless.
Puzzle Design Different. The oveall design of the experience is more akin to teambuilding exercise than most other room escape places. I hated the final puzzles, although I’m sure most people do.
Customer Service Acceptable
Would I go back? Yes. Although I have my reservations with volume 1, I have heard very good reviews from folks in the states and overseas about Volume 2

Real Escape Game Toronto: Volume 1
376 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON, M5T 2S6
Cross Street: Bathurst St. and Dundas St. West
Rooms: 1
Group Size: Escape from the Mysterious Room (11)
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $28.00/person
Phone number: None Listed

It’s been a while since I did the REG volume 1, but I remember it very well! The first impression you get is that the room is BIG! There are multi-room setups at other room escape locations in Toronto, but this room is probably the largest singular open space room.

This is a shot of one in Japan. It really undersold how big the actual space was. Anyhow, moving on.

It was harder to plan for this room escape, since it seems to be designed to host exactly 11 people. I didn’t want to play with strangers, so I had to wait until I could find a time slot that 10 other friends could agree to, which is no easy feat. It’s also a bit pricier than other places.

REG Vol 1 is drastically different from the other room escape places you might find in Toronto. The first major difference is that you actually have staff members in the very room with you. I thought they would be obtrusive, but they never really get in your way. In fact, it’s the very opposite; The staff members dole out hints whenever they see fit. They also prevent groups from destroying parts of the room.

The whole experience is more like a team building exercise than other room escape places. The key to victory lies in good team management and good communication skills. It’s a very stark difference from the skillset usually required for escaping rooms: puzzle solving and observational skills. I personally don’t enjoy scavenger rooms (room escapes where there are a ton of things hidden), but I will say that REG is probably the best scavenger room I’ve done. There certainly are things that are hidden in more interesting ways than any other scavenger room escape place.

Overall, the experience was a positive one! My group came close to winning, but I think that’s part of the charm of the REG. Instead of the usual hint system, the staff actually decide of their own accord when to give out hints. The way I see it, it’s a tricky way to ensure everyone has a great time.  It stops groups from being excessively stuck on any particular problem or pulling out their hair in frustration. I’ve been hardpressed to find any group that didn’t feel like they were close to finishing the game, and I’ve always believed that people are happy to see the finish line (in regards to room escape), even if they don’t get to cross it.

The next volume in the REG series is called Escape from the Time Travel Lab. As I’ve written in the summary, I’ve heard very good things about it. I love time travel as a general theme, but having time travel ‘mechanics’ sounds incredible! I look forward to whenever they open up Volume 2


  1. Probably going to open up a room escape in Edmond, ok. We went to the one in Oklahoma City and had a blast. I would love to get some more details about what you would like to see in an escape room/ themes/ puzzle types as you seem to be pretty immersed in the experience.


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