Mission 45 (Curse of the Pharoahs)

Mission 45
4500 Sheppard Ave East, Unit 101A
Toronto, ON, M1S 1V2
Cross Street: Brimley Rd. and Sheppard Ave.
Rooms: 4
Group Size: 2-5, 5-8
Game Time: 45 minutes or 60 minutes for bigger rooms,
Price: $15/Person, or $20/person in the 2 bigger rooms (With Like and Checkin on Facebook),
Site: http://mission45.com/
Phone Number: 647-800-0753

Mission 45 has been around for about 4 months, built in the remains of a dance studio! They originally had 3 smaller rooms, but has since then replaced ‘The Office’ with two larger 5-8 multi-room setups. I originally wanted to review them after finishing their Mr. Locksmith and Tomb raider rooms, but by then they completed their bigger rooms. Recently,  I finally gathered a group big enough to do Curse of the Pharoahs.
I think it’s interesting to have rooms with a larger minimum player count. I’m curious about whether it pays off in the long run. I assume you would get fewer number of groups, but maybe the absolute number of players evens out. Design-wise, even when you see rooms that are 2-10, you know the designers had a particular player count in mind, and that the upper limit of the room is more tied to room capacity.

Anyhow, onto the actual rooms. The smaller rooms are some of the easier I’ve done. Whether that’s a plus or a minus to you really depends on your attitude to room escapes in general. Mr. Locksmith and Tomb Raider were themed weakly. They are more or less the standard ‘puzzles-in-a-room’ setup you can find all over the place, where any theme or story could easily replace what they currently have. There were aspects of Greek Mythology in the Mayan Tomb Raider room, and the Locksmith storyline seems like an excuse to have interesting locks.

The bigger room I did, Curse of the Pharoahs, is more interesting. Again, the theme and story are rather tacked on. In the description, we’re a search party looking for Dr. Martin. I’ve beaten the room, but I still have no idea what to tell his family. There is a better progression of difficulty in the bigger room, where you get grander puzzles as you progress further. There was one in particular I enjoyed towards the end that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet.

To my knowledge, 3 of the 4 rooms has elements of electronics in them.  Just a side note!


Rooms visited: Mr. Locksmith, Tomb Raider, Curse of the Pharoahs
Theming: Poor! There is no real story to any of the rooms. Go if you want to just solve some puzzles and escape from a room.
Puzzle Design:  Acceptable. The puzzles aren’t super difficult! Across the 3 rooms, I had one hiccup with an unintentional red herring.
Customer Service: Acceptable.
Would I go back? Yes. This place feels rather average, but it wasn’t bad by any means. If you’re going to visit, I’d suggest the larger 5 player minimum rooms. Tomb Raider was probably my least favourite of the bunch.


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