News 2014-09-26

Random room escape news!

Great Escape is retiring their easiest room, the Bombshelter (

Decipher Rooms ( is hosting a free event at the International Student Festival downtown this Saturday.
Saturday, September 27, 2014
David Pecaut Square
(King & John / King & Simcoe)
12-6 pm

Escape Room Niagara Falls ( seems to have retired their singular room and replaced it with The Attic and the Bunker! They’ve also expanded to a second building,”The Q.” There are teasers on the site showing bigger holiday events they will be hosting there. The new site also has a curious 3 by 3 sliding picture puzzle, which has a message if its solved.

Two new places are slated to open in October.
Breakout Adventures ( is opening at Unit 44, 705 Progress Ave. It looks to have higher production values, so I’m excited for that.

Roundabout ( is opening on the 2nd floor, 330 Yonge Street. It looks like it has some higher production values as well. This is a picture I took off their facebook, which is part of a room themed to be about finding parachutes to jump out of a plane before it goes down. Points for originality.

The first 100 people to escape from their rooms will get ballots for a draw for a free Apple iPhone 6 Plus!!! The faster you escape the more ballots you draw.
Fun fact, at some point Roundabout changed their name. They would have been Breakout, which would have made them the third room escape business in Toronto with the name Breakout.


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