Escape Zone (Black room and Da Vinci Code)

Escape Zone
388 Spadina Avenue – 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M5T 2G5
Cross Street: Spadina Ave. and College St.
Rooms: 4
Group Size: 2-6 (Recommended minimum group size ranges from 3 to 4)
Game Time: 45 minutes
Price: $22/Adult, $19/Student (Like and Checkin on Facebook, Check-in on Yelp)
Phone Number: 647-350-0140

Escape Zone is a relatively new room escape game that’s been open for about a week and half. It sits on the edge of Chinatown and is the closest room escape place to the downtown core. I was initially drawn to the description of the Da Vinci Code room,  along with its Saul Bass-esque minimalistic poster style.

We were going to attempt the Da Vinci code room first with a group of five, but we had two people caught up in traffic. We went ahead with the Black room, which ended up being my favourite of the two anyways.

I really enjoyed Escape Zone. I’ve gone through a slew of unenjoyable room escapes, so it was a refreshing change of pace to come across a place where I had no significant complaints. The puzzles were designed fairly. I never felt like I was held up by logistical issues. I had reservations going into the Black room, since generally dark rooms in room escape places are a chore to get through from a lack of flashlights, but this was addressed through the overall design of the room. Similarly, without spoiling anything, the Da Vinci Code room also had a puzzle that could have been a logistical nightmare, but we were provided with the proper tools.

In my reviews, I always treat technology as a bonus. It’s too often a way to make rooms flashier, but without proper substance. Escape Zone is a great example of how technology isn’t necessary to make an enjoyable experience. It feels like apples and oranges comparing it to a place like Escape Games, but compared to other room escape businesses of similar scale, Escape Zone has definitely been the most enjoyable thus far.


Rooms visited: The Black room and Da Vinci Code
Theming: The two rooms I completed had very little story, but I wasn’t really bothered by it.  From the room descriptions, it seems like the other two rooms might be more story driven, so I knew what I was getting into.
Puzzle Design:  Good! Escape Zone had an interesting variety of puzzles between the two rooms. The overall structure of the rooms were also significantly different from one another. Everything is designed fairly and the puzzles didn’t feel like they required a silly leap of logic.
Customer Service: Good. The proprietor seemed friendly.
Would I go back? Yes! I probably shouldn’t have done the rooms in descending levels of difficulty, though. The proprietor also mentioned that there was an optional side-quest in the Biohazard room, where you’d get a free admission to another room as a prize.


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