Escape Games (Le Voleur de Diamant, The End of the Line)

Escape Games
11 Kodiak Crescent
Toronto, ON M3J 0G7
Cross Street: Allen Rd. and Sheppard Ave. W
Rooms: 5
Group Size: 4-6, 4-8, 4-8, 5-8, 4-9
Game Time: 60 minutes
Price: $22/ Person Weekends, $20/ Person Weekdays
Phone Number: 416-633-6868

Hopefully this is my most helpful post. In retrospect, people need more recommendations of places to go rather than places to avoid. Escape Games is my favourite room escape so far! It’s most prominent feature is its incredible set design. I’ve been to two of their ‘rooms’, Le Voleur de Diamant, and their newest room The End of the Line.

Le Voleur De Diamant is themed as a diamond heist. Both rooms I visited consisted of multiple rooms, where you thematically break into the museum and work your way towards the diamond. The main room actually looks like an art gallery, with paintings and sculptures on pedestals. The more thematic props a room has, the more likely there’s going to be unintentional red herrings, but I never really felt like anything from the decor was confusing.

The End of the Line room is the newest room that just opened this weekend, and the theme is that one of your friends has been kidnapped, and you’re looking for her in an abandoned subway tunnel. Once again, the decor and atmosphere are spot on, with one room strongly resembling an abandoned subway car. It was really something, and I wanted to take a picture for this post, but the proprietor Shawn said no.

When people email me about wanting to try Room escapes, I usually just recommend based on geography so they can try it out. If you like it, this should be your next stop


Rooms visited: Le Voleur de Diamant, The End of the Line
Theming: Great! I’ve already harped on about it. For the two rooms I’ve done, the decor couldn’t be anything else.
Puzzle Design:  Good.
Customer Service: Acceptable
Bonus: They have puzzles that integrate electronics.
Would I go back? Yes! I’m definitely going to visit the rest of their rooms when I get the chance. It’s my favourite place so far.



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